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Job Openings

Head Radiosynthetic Chemists: Involved in the supply of 14C labeled compounds, for both clinical and non-clinical purposes, to customers from a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, agrichemical, contract synthesis companies and CROs. Using techniques suitable for the manipulation of radioactive compounds, leads research into new synthetic and analytical routes and methods for the preparation, purification, and characterization of new and novel organic and bioorganic compounds labeled with 14C. Investigate multi-step chemical procedures that induce change in composition of substances using reactions involving heat, light, chemical reagents, and chemical catalysts. Purify intermediates and final products by crystallization, distillation or chromatography, quantify and analyze purity of compounds using scintillation counting and chromatography and confirm identity of compounds using standard spectroscopic techniques including NMR and MS.

Requirements: Ph.D. in Chemistry in the area of organic synthesis & 2 years of experience in job offered or as senior research investigator. Any experience must include: Laboratory techniques required for preparation, purification and analysis of organic compounds and biomolecules, including chromatography, crystallization, distillation, TLC, HPLC, and interpretation of NMR and MS; practical techniques required for the synthesis and analysis of 14C radiochemicals, including experience of HPLC, radio TLC, scintillation counting, vacuum manipulation of volatile or gaseous radiochemicals; research and development of synthetic routes previously unknown or unreported for the preparation of stable labeled and 14C labeled organic and bioorganic compounds; implementation of new systems to deal with evolving quality standards required for the supply of 14C drug substances. Radiation Safety experience required.

Contact: Erik B. Tjaden, Tjaden Biosciences, 1207 Lucas Ave, Burlington, IA 52601